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Mach 1 Center Gauge Conversion to Newer Style Modern VDO Gauges

Well after long hard thought of determining the best course of action for the Mach 1′s gauge dilemma, I decided to convert the existing center gauge pod to accept more traditional newer technology gauges. I am running with the VDO brand primarily because they match the existing Speedometer instrumentation and the bezels are shallow and do not stick out like a sore thumb. This was done by carefully using a Dremel high-speed rotary tool and etching out the center dash panel to accept a 2-1/16″ gauge. I used the backing hardware supplied with the VDO gauges to attach them securely. Check out the video and pics.


Ford Safety Belts and You Original Literature
Original Ford Literature
Restoration Mustang

Ford Safety Belts & You

This is a vintage 1972 original Ford Safety Belts & You document that came with every Ford vehicle in 1972. A super cool piece of

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